“When creating your website, the big question is always whether to talk about yourself in the first person or third person. James has decided to go third person.”
— James Corbett

James is a hybrid producer // director // editor, working out of New York. He started Big Blue Ox as an independent production company focused on what he knows best: creating sports content for a Youtube / social audience.

James has worked across a wide variety of content verticals including: branded, documentary, commercial, episodic/serialized, marketing, and corporate media. You can see his LinkedIn profile here

He has a deep love for sports, athletes and creating videos about them. 


Big Blue Ox refers to the classic American folklore of Paul Bunyan and Babe the Big Blue Ox. Babe was the trusty sidekick of Paul as they went around cutting timber and helping small towns all over the country.

We like the name because Babe the Big Blue Ox was a natural partner. With his positive attitude, brute strength and work ethic he was able to make the best lumberjack in the world even better. That’s how we like to think of ourselves too.


First discovered on a road trip down the Oregon coast.

First discovered on a road trip down the Oregon coast.

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